Who’s ready for year 4 of metamorphosis?! YEAR 4! I’m so flattered and happy that you guys love this project (or are crazy) enough to keep volunteering so that I can keep doing it. Thanks to all of you, I get to be creative and create custom jewellery at a fraction of the price.

Interested in participating? Here are the details:

  • You MUST be a referral (friend of a friend of a friend is fine)

  • $100 required upfront

  • You supply the materials (unless I design something that needs something you don’t have in which I will supply the materials)

  • I will take your likes/dislikes into consideration but will make something of my choice

  • Turnaround is 6 to 8 weeks

  • Whatever I make you and it’s details will be posted on my social media

To apply, please send me photos of the jewellery you would like to use for this project and photos of jewellery you would like to acquire.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!


During September, I challenged myself to post to instagram everyday and create one story a week. I wanted to try something different and learn a few new things. In an age of social media where people post daily, this might sound like an easy task. However, it’s not! As an entrepreneur, I wear many hats which means I don’t get to dedicate all my time to making jewellery. As such, it’s essential I manage how much time I spend on non-jewellery-making tasks (such as social media).

I did a lot of research and got some great advice before and during the challenge. I want to share what I learned through this experience in case anyone else finds it useful!

Here’s what I learned:

  • Less is more. A posting challenge doesn’t have to be 30 days to be successful. In fact, starting with a shorter challenge might be best. Jenna Kutcher from The Goal Digger Podcast has a couple great podcasts on challenges (listen here and here).

  • Plan ahead. Life is busy and if you’re looking for something to post last minute, you probably won’t end up being true to your brand/style. As mentioned in the podcasts above, people lose interest quickly and if you aren’t posting things of value, you will lose people. I used to schedule posts.

  • Know your style. If you’re not sure what your style is or want to make some changes to improve on what you already have, check out what some of your favourite influencers are doing and play around with a couple of your photos. and let you see what your feed will look like ahead of time which is essential if you have a certain style. For example, I like black and white with pops of minimal colour so I wanted to make sure this combination was balanced. Also, keep in mind that your brand/style isn’t just about the photos you post but also about the words you choose. IMPORTANT: you don’t want to end up with a feed that looks just like everyone else’s, so be inspired, but also keep your brand/style top of mind.

  • Find your tribe. Although I don’t have any metalsmith friends, I have a lot of entrepreneur friends who I’ve had great business strategy chats with. I found my metalsmith tribe online (especially at the Metalsmith Society - check our their instagram here). If someone gives you a good idea, mention them! If you find a cool resource, share it! Let’s support each other!

  • Hashtags. Some people hate them so much that they just don’t use them. I will admit that they aren’t my favourite thing, but they are essential. After you’ve found your tribe, see what kinds of hashtags they’re using and start using any new hashtags that apply to your business. Some people may only ever see your posts if they follow one of the hashtags that you use. If you don’t use hashtags, only the people who follow you may see your posts.

  • Stories are important. Apparently some people only look at stories instead of scrolling through feeds. Stories are the place where I started posting things that don’t “match” the style of my feed and even then, I still aim for a certain look when possible. There’s a ton of things you can do with stories and I’ve barely scratched the surface with my story attempts. It takes time to make a story that doesn’t look super amateur, and even when you think you’ve gotten the hang of stories so they don’t look “amateur”, you may still screw up! Which brings me to my last point…

  • Relax. The point of a challenge is to have fun and learn. The only way to learn is by trial and error. So who cares if you make a couple mistakes (that most people won’t even notice)!


Here we go...again?!

Last year I benched the monthly Metamorphosis knowing that my hands would be quite full with a newborn. Although I still had quite a bit of custom work throughout 2017, I missed the excitement and creativity of Metamorphosis.

That's why I decided to get back to it in 2018 but with a few small changes. Instead of 12, one per month, I'm only taking on six. I have to be more mindful of my time these days and I don't want to overcommit. 

I think I might also change my presentation format but I'm not quite sure how. I guess we'll see how it goes come reveal day.

I announced Metamorphosis 2018 today and within hours all 6 spots filled up and I even have a few people on a waitlist! I'm flattered by the excitement and how many people want to participate. Thank you!


I've spent the last month thinking about my business goals for 2017 and I've decided that next year I will not be offering the monthly metamorphosis project. I will however, offer Metamorphosis $100. 

This year I've had the pleasure of making 3 Metamorphosis $100's (photos below). Here are the details:

  • you can book the service at any time
  • the turnaround is approximately 4 weeks
  • the cost is $100 which I require upfront
  • I will take your likes/dislikes into consideration, but the final product will be a design of my choice
  • I will post a before/after photo and include a brief description of my jewellery-making process (here are links to samples: Magda, Beth, Karen)
  • referrals only

Interested? Email me at

Lastly, if you would rather design your own jewellery, I'd be happy to meet with you and quote you on my labour!