I've spent the last month thinking about my business goals for 2017 and I've decided that next year I will not be offering the monthly metamorphosis project. I will however, offer Metamorphosis $100. 

This year I've had the pleasure of making 3 Metamorphosis $100's (photos below). Here are the details:

  • you can book the service at any time
  • the turnaround is approximately 4 weeks
  • the cost is $100 which I require upfront
  • I will take your likes/dislikes into consideration, but the final product will be a design of my choice
  • I will post a before/after photo and include a brief description of my jewellery-making process (here are links to samples: Magda, Beth, Karen)
  • referrals only

Interested? Email me at

Lastly, if you would rather design your own jewellery, I'd be happy to meet with you and quote you on my labour!