Several years ago, I found myself at a crossroads in my publishing career. One day a colleague said...once in your life, you have to take a risk and jump without a plan. The learning experience is invaluable and everything will line up afterward the way it’s supposed to.

I took that advice to heart and quit my job to begin apprenticing with my father, a master goldsmith. You can see his incredible work here.

I work with silver and gold and all sorts of stones. I design and make each piece of jewellery with great care in New Westminster, British Columbia. My jewellery is greatly influenced by the arts and the beauty of nature.

I specialize in making custom pieces using client's old jewellery. Every jewellery box is a treasure chest. My favourite part of the jewellery-making process is coming up with a design that reflects my client and showing them the value of what they already have. I love watching them re-fall in love with the memories their old jewellery represented. And for those who don't want to remember old memories, I make them something they can make new memories in.

I am a certified Graduate Jeweller CJAGJ.